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How to choose the coupling of gantry crane
03-07 01:06:05
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Gantry crane couplings are mainly used for mechanical parts that allow two shafts (active and driven shafts) on two different mechanisms that rotate together to transmit torque. In high-speed and heavy-duty power transmission, some couplings also have the function of buffering, damping and improving the dynamic performance of the shafting. The following will teach you how to choose the coupling of the gantry crane.

1. Use standard couplings. When choosing couplings, try to choose couplings of national standards and mechanical industry standards. If it is true that the existing standard couplings and patented couplings cannot meet the design needs, we can customize the appropriate coupling.

2. Select the type and type of coupling. The type of coupling is selected according to comprehensive factors such as prime mover category and working load category, working speed, transmission accuracy, two-axis offset, temperature, humidity, and working environment.

3. Calculation of coupling torque. The power of the power machine in the transmission system should be greater than the power required by the work machine.

4. Primary selection of coupling model. According to the calculated torque Tc, a similar nominal torque Tn can be selected from the standard series, and the selection should satisfy Tn≥Tc.

5. Adjust the model according to the shaft diameter. The initially selected coupling size, that is, the shaft hole diameter d and the shaft hole length L, should meet the requirements of the main and driven end shaft diameters, otherwise the coupling specifications must be adjusted according to the shaft diameter d.

6. Choose the connection type. The choice of coupling connection type depends on the connection type of the main and driven ends to the shaft. Generally, key connection is adopted, which is a unified key connection type and code. In GB/T3852, there are seven keyway types and four keyless connections. , The most used is the A-type key.

7. Select the type, type and specification of the coupling. Select the coupling type according to the comprehensive factors such as power machine and coupling load category, speed, working environment, etc.; select the coupling type according to the coupling matching, connection status and other factors; according to the nominal torque and shaft hole diameter Select specifications with the length of the shaft hole.

In order to ensure the strength of the shaft and the key, after the coupling model is selected, the strength of the shaft and the key should be checked to confirm the coupling model finally.