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Do you know the aspects that need to be paid attention to when installing crane equipment
03-07 01:06:15
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1. Check the type, specification and quantity of equipment, materials and accessories according to the packing list of single beam crane equipment, and should meet the requirements of the design and equipment technical documents, and should have a factory certificate and necessary factory test records.

2. Machinery and electrical equipment should be free from deformation, damage and rust, and the steel wire rope should not be rusted, damaged, bent, looped, kinked, split or loose.

3. The equipment technical documents should be complete.

4. The coordinate position, elevation, span and surface flatness of the hanging rail should meet the design and installation requirements.

5. Before the electric single-beam suspension crane is hoisted, it shall be rechecked as specified in the following table. After being erected on the track, the gap between the inner side of the wheel flange and the flange of the I-beam track should be 3~5mm.

As long as we pay attention to these aspects, we can ensure the safe operation and work efficiency of the crane. This is the goal we have been pursuing.