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Seminar on the Development Road of Crane Intelligent Manufacturing
03-07 01:05:31
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Seminar on the development road of crane intelligent manufacturing. A new round of technological and industrial revolution characterized by the deep integration of information technology and manufacturing is booming. Digitization, networking, and intelligence have increasingly become the main trends in the development of the crane manufacturing industry in the future. How to take the road of intelligent manufacturing in the lifting industry? This seminar gives the answer.

Crane intelligent manufacturing seminar site

On January 26, 2018, the "Intelligent Manufacturing · Lifting Future" Crane Intelligent Development Seminar was grandly opened in Sanya. More than 400 people, including China Heavy Machinery Industry Association, Beijing Crane and Conveying Machinery Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd., Changyuan County Industrial Cluster Management Committee and other government and association leaders, experts and scholars in the field of intelligent manufacturing at home and abroad, and representatives of well-known enterprises gathered in Sanya to focus on The development status and problems of intelligent manufacturing, analyze future development trends and directions, discuss cutting-edge concepts and technologies, conduct ideological collisions, and plan for the future of cranes.

"Be a leader, not a caterer!"

Crane companies should be the standard setters, seize the "right to speak" in the field of standards, "be a leader, not a caterer!", and promote product design, production, logistics sales, and service throughout the life cycle to effectively collaborate and interact; Technology leader, forming a core technology system with independent intellectual property rights, and strong innovation as a "soft underbelly"; being a platform builder, attracting high-end talents, collecting and accumulating data, and promoting industrial chain integration; being a service leader, we must Suppliers, customers, and other data are deeply tapped, so that upstream and downstream information is fully shared and deeply integrated, and the transformation from traditional manufacturing to service-oriented manufacturing is realized.

How to install the "brain" on the crane

How to take the road of intelligent manufacturing? At the seminar, participants gave answers.

"The lifting machinery industry is in a critical period of market-driven to innovation-driven, from low-end to mid-to-high-end, from selling products to selling technology, and from old kinetic energy to new kinetic energy. With customers’ standard requirements for lifting machinery The requirements for equipment technology are getting higher and higher." Wang Jisheng, vice chairman and secretary-general of China Heavy Machinery Industry Association, believes that at the critical moment of confrontation and transformation, intelligent and high-end are the development of cranes. future.

From the application of intelligent technology in electric hoists, hooks, unmanned factories, unmanned docks, etc., the domestic crane expert Dr. Xu Lei listed the roadmap for the intelligent development of cranes-from general-purpose cranes to automated cranes, to Smart crane, then to the handling robot.

Wei Jianing, Vice Minister of the Macroeconomic Research Department of the Development Research Center of the State Council, Yu Chenhua, an expert from Schneider Electric (China) Co., Ltd., Zheng Yong, Chairman of Shenyang Weide, and Chen Jun, Chairman of Mingjiang Intelligent, made special reports to provide suggestions for the intelligentization of cranes.