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The importance of crane after-sales service quality to crane manufacturers
03-07 01:05:12
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Crane after-sales service refers to the various fault repair and maintenance service activities that crane companies provide to purchasers after the gantry crane is sold. The gantry crane after-sales service can improve the credibility of the crane company and increase its market share. Leave the best impression for users who purchase gantry cranes.

Gantry crane after-sales service includes installing cranes and debugging cranes for customers, providing technical guidance for the use of gantry crane products purchased by customers according to customer requirements, ensuring the supply of spare parts during maintenance, and being responsible for maintenance services for sold products. And regular maintenance and maintenance, the implementation of "three guarantees" services for products. Handle letters and visits from customers and telephone complaints.

In the process of crane after-sales service, we must patiently listen to the needs of customers, hear the true meaning of the customer’s words, guide customers to countermeasures, establish a corporate image in the process of serving customers, and improve customer satisfaction . In the event of an after-sales crisis, you should be patient to listen to customer problems, used to admit your own mistakes and actively provide solutions. The importance of crane after-sales service is that the quality of after-sales service will affect customer satisfaction. When customers buy cranes, crane warranty and after-sales service can free consumers from doubts and increase the success rate of product purchases. High-quality after-sales service will make consumers feel good about gantry crane manufacturers and improve the reputation of crane companies.

The after-sales service of lifting products needs to be more comprehensive. When selling, it is necessary to explain the performance and scope of use of the crane in detail to allow customers to fully understand the crane. After the sale, it is necessary to install and tell the customer the maintenance methods and precautions. When the crane has a problem after the sale, it should be handled for the customer in a timely and patient manner.