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Internet + crane manufacturers' development ideas
03-07 01:04:50
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The Internet + crane manufacturer is a development model that integrates the Internet and the crane industry. It is a new type of crane sales and after-sales new idea under the background of the development of Internet + cranes, big data, cloud computing and other technologies.

Internet + crane manufacturer’s development ideas For crane manufacturers, there are two models that can be used as a reference for development and transformation:

1. Use the Internet to connect crane customers with purchasing needs, crane manufacturers and crane users, and obtain more crane market expansion opportunities by providing various value-added services for users who purchase cranes, such as offline crane salon gatherings and online cranes Using sharing, etc., this is not easy to achieve for the crane industry, but it is better to link customers and customers, because customers who buy cranes come from all walks of life. If you communicate more together, it will be helpful for crane sales. And know about product defects and other issues, and can also play a role in communication and cooperation between customers and customers.

2. It is the use of the Internet to explore the organic combination of crane sharing economy and crane leasing, just like the "Didi Taxi" that has subverted the car sales market, allowing crane manufacturers to obtain a new blue ocean market. Crane sales or crane leasing business is currently in The Internet is still mainly based on online promotion and offline transactions. If you need to trade on the Internet, there are two problems that need to be solved: cranes are large-scale machinery and equipment, and they are of non-standard nature. Not every crane has the same parameters, and some problems need to be practical. Go to the site to measure data, such as online customers find us to buy cranes, usually if there are accurate crane parameters, you can directly sign the crane electronic contract. If there is no accurate crane parameters, we will send technicians to measure on-site and combine with customers; the second point is the price of cranes compared with Light-duty daily necessities, etc. are very high, so online transactions will also cause customers to worry. Therefore, the current two points are not resolved, and there is still a long way to buy crane products on the Internet.

The country advocates Internet+, and crane manufacturers must grasp the new market of the Internet. At present, most manufacturers mainly focus on Internet propaganda. In the future, they will need to grasp the characteristics of the Internet and make good use of this network to build a large The crane transformation development network.